Alexandra Reese

I think my biggest sacrifices have been time and family. To move forward as a professional, you often have to sacrifice both of those things to immerse yourself in the workplace, become indispensable, and build your career.

Alexandra Reese got her start in the fashion industry when she attended the University of California, Davis. At first, Alexandra’s undergrad goal was to become a veterinarian but, when conversing with a friend taking a course in fashion, Alexandra learned of the only University of California system run fashion design program; she began to change majors the following day.

In the summer between her junior and senior years, Alexandra took a summer program at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City and took an internship under Tracey Reese. During that summer, Alexandra’s love for New York City was founded. “I got a taste [of New York] and it was in the stars at that point.”

After graduating in 2005, Alexandra moved to New York City. Unemployed, she aspired to work for Proenza Schouler but knew she may have to take other jobs at first in order to work her way there. Replying to one of Alexandra’s anonymous online applications, a representative from Proenza Schouler contacted Alexandra to fill the role of Production Assistant.

Several months after she started, Alexandra moved from production to design. Because Proenza Schouler was a small company at the time, Alexandra had to fill roles and make sacrifices to make sure the job was done. Working six weeks in advance of fashion weeks, her days would start at 9:30 in the morning, often going to midnight or later, five days a week. She also gave up most weekends and holidays. 

Two years later, Alexandra left Proenza Schouler to pursue other opportunities, landing sequential jobs with designers and companies such as Brian Reyes, Donna Karan, and Narciso Rodriguez. In November of 2013 a former coworker and her husband proposed to Alexandra a new venture, bestowing unto her the responsibilities of product development, creative direction, and merchandising.

For a time Alexandra worked two jobs simultaneously, with Narciso during regular business hours and the new venture during the later hours of the evening. During this time, another former coworker approached her asking for her consultative services. This sparked an idea. If she could have two clients to begin with, she could start a consulting business. “I wanted to help the growing designers that were emerging and just didn’t know exactly which steps to take to get them off the ground.”

Taking on this entrepreneurial endeavor wasn’t without its risks as Alexandra would have to go from two paychecks down to one but in order to fulfill her dreams; it was another sacrifice she was willing to make. Alexandra now has her own company, working with clients on a consulting basis and focusing on all aspects of their business in order to help them grow. Alexandra's current clients include Rosie Assoulin, LIVERY, Sarah Stevenson, and Yeon Park. Find out more about Alexandra's company 

Photographed by John Castillo