Tyrrell Winston

In moving to New York I struggled with comparison. I was still heavily connected to California and had all these friends buying houses and having families. My thought process was that I should be doing that. Then I realized that that was not my journey right now. I was going to be spending a lot of money on rent and there are certain things in New York that are a different beast than anywhere else. But becoming comfortable with what I’m doing and the fact that this is going to be my life was one hurdle I overcame.

Tyrrell “Ty” Winston knew since he was a child that he would find his way to New York City. And so at the age of 21, Ty moved from his home in California to New York in order to finish his college career. He matriculated to Wagner College on Staten Island. Before his enrollment, however, Ty was majoring in Communications; Wagner did not offer a like major so Ty chose Art Administration, not fully understanding what this major course of study entailed. “Just that kind of fluke, of making that decision, changed my life forever.”

A major in Arts Administration meant Ty would have to take courses in Gallery Management, meet with gallery owners and artists. Although this was mandatory for his schooling, Ty found himself loving these obligations. Ty’s seminal moment came when he saw a Retrospective exhibit at MoMA on Dadaism. At the exhibition Ty was incited by the works and thusly inspired to influence others the way he was impacted.

After graduation Ty took jobs with only money in mind and did not pursue his passions. That changed when his sister and he started a freelance designing company. Within three months of starting the business they both quit their jobs to put their full efforts into their startup. After five years Ty’s sister decided to move to Los Angeles and so they split client basis in order to keep the company operating. Also in that time, Ty developed his own style of art, ridded his life of bad influences, and got focused. 

This maturing paid off last year when Ty received a call from MTV to help with Re:Define – an art auction in Dallas, Texas benefiting local art organizations as well as MTV’s Staying Alive Foundation. This was only supposed to be a role that lasted two weeks and when it was concluded MTV asked Ty to help in other ways. Ty has since aided in production on MTV Movie Awards, interviewing on the red carpet, the VMAs, and a short film in Mexico.

Ty also spends a lot of his time working on his art which is focused on social justice inspired by the grittier textures of the city. "Living in seedier areas in Brooklyn for a while you see a lot in terms of inequality and social injustice. My art is part spectator, part provocateur."