Tara Crowl

I’d say my biggest sacrifices were, when I moved here I decided that this is what I wanted and I am going to go for it and because of that my life wasn’t going to look like what I thought it would, or probably not like a lot of my peers.
— Tara Crowl

Tara Crowl grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and always dreamed of writing books one day.  As she grew older, she decided that she wanted to work in Hollywood and moved out to LA to attend USC film school. Working at a talent agency, although a great job that she was doing well at, she realized there that she still wanted to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an author.  

Tara started writing and sent out manuscripts to a few publishing agencies.  After receiving interest and constructive feedback, she began looking for grad school programs that offered creative writing for children and young adults.  

In 2010, Tara found a program out in Sydney, Australia and dropped everything, quitting her job and left everything familiar behind to take a chance on a dream.  She described her time in Sydney as though “my whole life opened up, [that] there was so much possibility.”  Tara began contemplating what the next step for her would be because she could really live anywhere to work as a writer. The idea of moving to New York became the next, not so logical, choice.  

In August 2011, with no job, no place to live, and no real plan of action, she encountered a stranger on the street and received a catering job on her second day in the city. She moved in with four other people in a small apartment for her first apartment in the city.  She continued writing on the side and worked various jobs to make ends meet in the meantime. Her second apartment, which she shared with two other girls, was really just a half bedroom that was a converted living room divided by curtains. She never had a steady income and was often working a different job every night to keep her head above water. 

Always continuing her writing though, Tara ultimately finished her book in June of 2012 and began sending it out to agents.  Gathering interest, she signed with an agent in March of 2013 and after a final revision, sold her book in October of 2013. Her first book “Eden of the Lamp”, a children’s fiction and coming of age story, will be published in fall of 2015.  She is currently working on the second book and expects to publish that work the following year. 

Photographed by John Castillo