Nai Vasha

My greatest sacrifice in coming to New York was having to destroy my comfort zone and leave it behind for new things to find me.

Nai Vasha, known by friends as Vasha, grew up in Stockton, California until age 17 when she alone moved to San Diego. After only a year, Vasha made the move to Las Vegas in order to attend the University of Nevada – Las Vegas where she attained her BA in Theatre Design and Technology. By working a multitude of various jobs in order to pay for her education, Vasha claims important qualities for her life and later career were forged and ingrained in her during her time in Las Vegas.

After graduation, Vasha moved to Los Angeles, not knowing where life was about to take her. Shortly after her arrival she was offered an opportunity to run the Visual Design Team for Forever21 Corporate on the East Coast, relocating her to New York. Yet, in this corporate role, Vasha felt as if her creativity and ideas were being repressed and she realized this was not the direction in which she wanted her life to go. So, she took a leap of faith and left her job to spread her wings.

While unemployed, an unlikely opportunity presented itself. A family friend was leaving the country and offered Vasha their car during their year abroad. Vasha set out to travel across the West Coast. Going from Seattle to LA to Las Vegas, and living out of the car for the entirety of the trip, Vasha gained more experience in her craft working on production and set design, and even a few music videos.

After year of traveling, it was time to return to New York. Penniless, Vasha began working as a freelancer, creative consultant, as well as being involved with video projects for Estelle and in creative direction for Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dreams album. Her creativity did not stop there. She also directed art pieces for Puma and worked for the brand Stussy doing build outs about every six months. Her philosophy was to say “Yes!”  to everything, even if she had to learn the task she had agreed to do.

In the midst of everything she has created Undo Ordinary with Robin Arzon, a lawyer turned street athlete. Beginning a year ago, Undo Ordinary is a fitness movement for street athletes. It started with running and has moved into spin and club nights; any way to get cardio or calisthenics movements in.  The movement has blown up and from that, Undo Magazine was created and launched on July 3, 2014.  Grab one for yourself to see what Nai Vasha is up to now.


Photographed by John Castillo