Ready. Set. Sharpen Your Pencils!

Didn't your mother ever tell you less is more? Here in the epicenter of beauty and fashion, I find this to be true in most daily makeup routines. Apply powder, throw on some mascara and we're out the door. The more natural looking the better minus one detail... The lips! Adding color to your lips can automatically spruce up your look without even trying.

But if you're like me, you want as few steps as possible with as much punch of pigment. Let me let you in on a secret my friend, it's called a lip pencil. Think of it like a lipstick and a lip liner procreated to produce the prodigy lip product. And Voilà! You can still add definition to the lips while having the long wear, but without bleeding and feathering. I shopped a few of my personal favorite colors to share... Xx


Nars $25  Train Bleu

Nars $25

Train Bleu

Nars $25  Dragon Girl

Nars $25

Dragon Girl

Bite $24  Pomegranate

Bite $24


Bite $24   Zinfandel

Bite $24