Curly Hair, Don't Care- Taming The Beast

I'm a product of the 80's... Right down to my natural curl pattern. I don't wear it curly because I often feel like 1. I stepped out of a scene of Pretty women (before Julia Roberts hit Rodeo Drive) or 2. I remind myself of Animal from The Muppets. However, I know this is not the case as I receive a slew of compliments and am frequently asked what products I use to achieve my curl. Us caurly haired peeps are constantly fitting frizz and a consistent curl pattern. Again, being that my chosen trade for many years was hairdressing, I know what products to go to help... And your welcome, I figured I'd share.

My little Concoction is Fatboy Perfect Putty and Redken's Argan Oil. I use Fatboy because it has a matte finish and amazing hold with out ever giving the appearance of product in my hair. No 90'S gelled perm hair here thanks!! It's a wonder product plus it smells delicious! I also use Argan oil to tame the frizz and add moisture which most textured hair lacks. Here's how I apply...

Step by Step:

1. When hair is wet or damp emulsify Fatboy Perfect Putty and Argan Oil together in palm. Make sure to completely emulsify the two together! I TYPICALLY TAKE ABOUT A penny SIZE AMOUNT OF FATBOY PERFECT PUTTY AND THREE PUMPS OF THE ARGAN OIL - Amount depends on hair texture and length. Start with less and add more along the way if unsure. 

2. With head turned over- scrunch hair enhancing natural curl pattern. 

3. Flip head bak over and repeat - Continuing to repeat several times as hair begins to dry (3-5 times).

4. Voila!!! Beautiful texture and hold wiith out frizz. That easy with the right products!